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High quality summer camps for youth, junior and senior players. Held annually the first 3 weeks of July outside of Stockholm. The largest summer Camps in Sweden established 1992. International environment with players from more than 20 countries attending each summer. Mix of Swedish and international Coaches.

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High quality season camps for youth players. Held around Sweden on school breaks during the season. Long experience with a wide mix of theme Camps for different needs. International environment with mix of Swedish and international players. All Camps delivered in Swedish and english.

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High quality season academies for youth players. Held in Stockholm area during the season. On ice academies with focus on skills. Spring/summer academies held in the Starzone Performance Center with on ice skills or athletic development.

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Meet new Coaches and hockey friends giving you new voices and experiences providing new skills. Add volume of training through Camps and academies as part of your Development plan.

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The foundation of all your training will be with in your team training on and off the ice. The Camps and academies is adding the details that meets your specific needs as an individual. Independent if that is on ice skills or athletic development. We will provide the details that you are missing out with in your team training and give you the edge you need in order to reach your goals.


Our benefits

Broad and deep coach experience

Our Coaches are experts with in different areas giving you the possibility to develop tools in all areas of the game of hockey. 

On and off ice knowledge

We provide high end training on and off the ice helping you understand the complete picture of on ice skills and athletic development.

Player and parent lectures

Giving players and parents knowledge and inspiration on how to optimize the journey of hockey. From training to leadership and communication.

Video analysis with personal feedback

We are taking personal feedback to the next level showing and providing feedback of details in areas that are important. All video feedback delivered in our Web App platform.


Relevant camps

Game Camp

1 day Game Camp. 3 games and feedback in class room sessions.

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Goal scoring Camp

1 day Skills camp with focus on goal scoring.

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Frequently Asked

Can you help any club in the world?
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We have long experience from partnerships with clubs and federations all over the world and can support you both physically as well as online. This includes Camp partnerships, Coaching educations and player development.

Send us a request through the form and we will contact you right away and discuss what platform suits you.

Can any one in the world use the Individual training programs?
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All our online training programs are available in English and Swedish. This includes all verbal and in writing instructions. The programs are set up in a way making it possible to training anywhere around the world, with limited resources.

Buying our online training programs is like having a hockey PT in your phone or tablet. Always available and ready to support you in your individual development.

How do I get more info and what is included in the Coaching platforms
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All the details regarding our Camps are in our web shop?

Our Coaching platforms are a complete Coaching tool providing complete content for all parts of the training. From weekly planning, ice sessions, off ice sessions to Coaching communication. The platforms are available for Clubs, teams and individual Coaches. The platform is available in Swedish and english.

Send us a request through the form and we will contact you right away and discuss what platform suits you.