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We provide knowledge, experience and high level tools for players and Coaches creating real results with in player development.

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We have more than 20 years of experience training hockey players, educating Coaches and setting up Club programs. This includes training on and off the ice, leadership and communication skills to Camps and event programs.

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Hockey Coach off ice training

Innovative tools and individual training programs making it possible to train anywhere anytime, all over the world. 

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All inclusive Coaching tools and support for training on and off the ice with measurable results. 

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We provide hight end Camps and training academies for players seeking high quality training and challenges.

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Tailor made training and Coaching for players all around the world meeting the demands and needs you have. 

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Educated, with a high level of pedagogy and the ability to get the most out of every player. 

Carl Möller-Claeson

The content is very educational and the experience is that you get an understanding of why you do the exercises. The coaches have a calmness that is contagious to the players who listen and believe what they say. The experience is that the players feel safe in the environment.

Zakk Björk

The players love their incredible level of knowledge and ambition.

Love Botvidsson

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Frequently Asked

Can you help any club in the world?
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We have long experience from partnerships with clubs and federations all over the world and can support you both physically as well as online. This includes Camp partnerships, Coaching educations and player development.

Send us a request through the form and we will contact you right away and discuss what platform suits you.

How do I sign up for the Camps and read about all the details
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All the details regarding our Camps are in our web shop (https://www.winnerheads.com/org/starzone). Click in Camps and see which Camps are planned and all the details regarding each Camp. We specify location, dates, player age, price, camp description etc.

To sign up, put the Camp in the shopping cart, login/create account and pay with credit card or Paypal. Make sure you create the account in the player name that will attend the Camp.

Can any one in the world use the Individual training programs?
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All our online training programs are available in English and Swedish. This includes all verbal and in writing instructions. The programs are set up in a way making it possible to training anywhere around the world, with limited resources.

Buying our online training programs is like having a hockey PT in your phone or tablet. Always available and ready to support you in your individual development.

How do I get more info and what is included in the Coaching platforms
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All the details regarding our Camps are in our web shop?

Our Coaching platforms are a complete Coaching tool providing complete content for all parts of the training. From weekly planning, ice sessions, off ice sessions to Coaching communication. The platforms are available for Clubs, teams and individual Coaches. The platform is available in Swedish and english.

Send us a request through the form and we will contact you right away and discuss what platform suits you.