January 19, 2022

Long term agreement with Spånga Hockey

Starzone Sports is proud and happy to announce that Starzone has renewed its agreement with Spånga Hockey until the 2023/24 season.

The background to the parties signing a longer agreement is that Spånga Hockey, as one of the first hockey associations in Sweden, will implement StarZone's development platform for training youth players U9 to U14. The development platform is the next big step in offering structured and qualitative training in a modern format. Through the development platform, Spånga gets a unique tool that provides:

  • Complete season planning for training on and off the ice
  • Video-based exercises and detailed instructional videos for all parts of the education.
  • Every month broken down into complete workouts on and off the ice
  • Defined knowledge goals for each age that are measured 3 times a year
  • Knowledge goals are measured and documented directly in the platform
  • All coaches and leaders in all teams have access to the development platform and share in real time all information about which training is to be carried out

In a comment, says Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Starzone Sports. Our completely new platform for player development is the next big step in our development. By being able to offer this service, Starzone can offer a quality-assured training methodology and a tool for all trainers that means that for each individual training we work with a common plan and common goals. We can also give all coaches and leaders an inspiring work environment where they have more time to develop their leadership and through it develop themselves and the quality of each training.

A large part of why we have worked so hard to develop this platform is also to be able to implement knowledge goals, just as we have had in school for a long time. Together with Spånga Hockey, we can now see in real time that all players receive the right education and training so that each player has the conditions to reach their knowledge goals.

In a comment, says Simon Persson, board member of Spånga Hockey. We have a long-term relationship with Starzone where we are very satisfied with how they have delivered training and leadership in our technology training. The technical training with Starzone will continue, for us it is natural to now take the next step together and fully through a modern platform be able to offer the same training for all players, regardless of what year you were born. Our goal as an association is to be able to offer a common methodology for all players, and a process where Spånga's development model permeates every training, on and off the ice. We are convinced that this training methodology will also contribute to an even better leadership of our coaches and thus contribute to the implementation of the Home Plan model's four principles falling into place, really and not just in created documents on a website.

The four principles are:

Put the person in focus
Give everyone a chance to develop
Adapt training and match to target group
Conduct a versatile workout
We are happy that we have a partner like Starzone Sports who always wants to be at the forefront of finding new and innovative ways to develop the training methodology and that we as an association can build it together with them.
The implementation of the development platform will begin immediately at the start of the 2021/22 season.

For questions contact:

Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Starzone Sports
+46 701 47 83 84

Simon Persson, Board of Spånga Hockey
+46 72 723 53 53

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