August 21, 2022

Les Lion de Compiègne and Starzone sign long-term partner agreement

Starzone are proud and happy for the trust from Les Lion de Compiègne regarding setting up a their new Education platform.

Through the agreement, Les Lion de Compiègne will have access to Starzone's digital training platform with a complete season plan for training on and off the ice. The common goal is to create a long-term educational platform that creates conditions for all coaches and players to share a common curriculum that the association Les Lion de Compiègne owns and develops.

In addition to the digital platform, Starzone will deliver physical training on-site, on the ice as well as off the ice during mutual Camp events during the session. It is supplemented with digital seminars during Camp events. As part of the first agreement in France the platform will be delivered with French language support.

Thomas Eriksson, CEO at Starzone Sports, says in a comment:

Our mission is to help hockey clubs all over the world to create a long-term and common educational platform that creates the conditions for all players to receive a high-quality education at home in their club. Through a smart digital way of working, we will help the club build all knowledge locally in the club so that every Euro invested develops coaches and players in  Les Lion de Compiègne in the most cost-effective way.

Dimitri Bogus, Sports Manager in Les Lion de Compiègne says in a comment:

Les Lion de Compiègne has a strong drive to ensure that all young people in Compiègne receive a high-quality education that creates the conditions for all players to get the right knowledge at the right time and that our Education provides the opportunity for any player aiming to reach the highest level of playing hockey

Through our collaboration with Starzone and the digital education platform, we have found a model where every Euro invested means that we constantly increase our knowledge with our coaches and give them the right support and conditions to be able to grow and develop as coaches.

For more information contact:

Thomas Eriksson, CEO Starzone Sports

+46 701 478384

Dimitri Bogus, Sports Manager Les Lion de Compiègne

+33 687 54 98 34

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