January 19, 2022

JAR IL and Starzone Sports signs Camp agreement

Jar IL and StarZone Sports are very pleased to present a new partnership to jointly develop Skills Camps in Norway.
In step 1, StarZone will allocate skills instructors for Jar IL Skillscamp, week 26 in Oslo. Together, a 5-day camp will be held for players born from 2012 to 2006.
The goal of the agreement is to jointly develop Jar IL Camper and skills training in the Oslo area.

About Jar IL:

Jar ice hockey has a long history dating back to its inception in the early 1950s. The club has participated in many ups and downs in Norwegian ice hockey and has been both a top and a broad club with good offers at most age levels. We can look back on the last 20 years with outdoor art surfaces that have badly needed upgrading, but have proudly managed to turn a dream into reality by finally being able to offer ice hockey in a great new ice rink. We want to offer children and young people exciting and developing activities based on proud skating and ice hockey traditions from Jar. Jar hockey has experienced a fantastic recruitment after the new facility was ready and is now the largest club in Asker and Bærum and has long been the strongest growing club in the country. Website: http://www.jarisforum.no/ishockey

About StarZone Sports

StarZone Sports is one of the leading players in player development in Sweden. We have a broad portfolio of services for clubs and players, both in Sweden and internationally. This includes responsibility for player and leadership development in several clubs, Camper throughout the year, a hockey-specific training center and online / App based services for training. Read more at www. starzonesports.com.

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