June 17, 2022

Hockey off ice training - updated or outdated?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Albert Einstein

How is it really with the training outside the ice? Has it developed as one might expect in the last 15 years? Do we have the same focus on understanding the training outside the ice as we have on the ice? Have we adapted training outside the ice based on our children's movement patterns outside their sports?

Many interesting questions and if we are to give a simple and concise answer, it is a clear NO! We see and hear far too much training that is outdated, inefficient, boring and does not give our players the right type of training in relation to age and needs.

Examples of ineffective training are:

  • Running training with longer distances for children / youth players who are not in puberty. Has no or very little effect for players whose heart and lungs are not in a growth phase (puberty).
  • Large amount of running training in the form of longer intervals. The same argument as longer distances with the addition that we train muscles at working time intervals that are not applicable to a hockey player.
  • Classic and old strength training such as push-ups and situps. There are much more effective exercises with higher quality that build specific hockey strength for the muscle groups that are the most important for a hockey player.
  • Newer / trendier strength training such as Cross fit. Training that is often to be carried out at a high pace where quality for inexperienced practitioners such as children and young people often leads to poor quality and risk of injury.
  • All our training is collective despite the fact that we are individually developed with different challenges and opportunities. How come we only talk about dividing levels on the ice, and that it is important there? Why is it not important to do the same thing off the ice?

So what should we do then? How can we develop training outside the ice? The answer is not complicated as there is a lot of knowledge and research about athletic training and development. If we combine it with modern technology, we can easily, efficiently and at a low cost train and give both players and coaches better conditions to conduct an effective and fun training off the ice. Some examples of content:

Stabilizing strength training for hockey players

Building the inner torso stability and being able to activate the inner muscles is critical for hockey players for many areas such as the correct position of the upper body in skating, balance and resistance in battle situations and explosiveness in fakes and shots.

General athletic ability with movement content

Our children are moving less and less outside of their sports and this affects the general athletic ability and above all general mobility. We have measurable values ​​of more than 250 players which shows that, for example, mobility in the ankles, knee joint and upper body for many players is very limited. It's like driving a car with the parking brake on, we can push the accelerator even more but very little happens.

Specific movement training for hockey players

Exercise training is about creating an effective athletic body where we get the maximum effect from each movement. A body that also feels good and does not get injured. Based on knowledge we have about limitations in mobility, we must add more movement training as part of warming up in our athletic workouts.

Strength training with motor skills and coordination

All our training should lead to a development of function that creates an effect in our sport. To then combine strength training with movement patterns and motor skills / coordination that we need on the ice is smart and effective. Examples of this are pushes and arm movements in ice-skating forwards or backwards, weight transfer for club technique or different jumping patterns to build explosiveness in pushes.

Speed ​​training for hockey players

Speed ​​is a component that is becoming more and more important. Something that is also very important that we train at the right time. We want the right kind of structure and muscles specific for hockey players. Training speed also requires a deeper knowledge of content and training / rest for it to be effective.

Endurance training for outdoor players

Of course, ice hockey requires a certain endurance, but not at all on parity with the type of training that is carried out today and above all, it must be done at the right age. We very rarely perform runs that exceed 45-60 seconds, training that is specific to hockey players and that provides the right type of endurance.

Exercise outside the ice

If you want to be really good, so good that you stand out, a large amount of training is required, but also that you train in a smart way. Many areas can and should be trained outside the ice as it is more efficient and there is an availability where you can train anywhere, anytime. It affects areas such as skating, club technique and shooting.

Our great passion is to help players and coaches to develop, both as hockey players and people. We are constantly looking for new ways that challenge the mind how to develop the hockey players of the future. We want to dare to be different, no matter what others think of it.

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